Pet Food and Supplies in Troup, TX

Looking for high-quality pet food and supplies in Troup, TX? Since 1986, Steele’s Feed & Seed has been the one-stop feed and seed supply shop customers trust for superior service and excellent value. Whether you raise pets or you’re tending to your land, we have the products you need at the best possible prices.

Animal Feed And Supply

Animal Feed and Supplies

For over three decades, customers have relied on us as their trusted resource for pet supplies in Troup, TX. Whether you’re raising chickens, cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, horses or anything else, we carry a wide range of products that meet your pets’ daily needs. No matter what you’re looking for, from basic feed to specialty nutrients, we make it easy for you to find high-quality feed so your animals can grow and thrive. Our full range of animal feed and supplies includes:

Chicken feeders | Chicken wire | De-wormers | Flea and tick | treatments |
Incubator kits | Leashes and collars | Puppy Shots

Seeding and Crop Supplies

The quality of seeds you buy for your fields is directly related to the quality of your yield. We carry a wide range of seeding and crop supplies so you can successfully cultivate your land. From forage seeds to weed control products, our selection includes:

Compost | Fertilizer | Hay bales | Potted Plants | Seeds | Weed control products

Seeding And Crop Supply

Additional Products

Our product selection goes well beyond feed and seed. You’ll find a wide variety of quality products in stock every day at our friendly shop, from the best brands and at the best prices. Stop by and browse our huge selection, which includes everything from toys to local honeys and jams.

Candles | Children’s toy | Cooking seasonings | Cowboy boots | Home décor |
Local honey & jams | Men’s and women’s apparel | Redwing Boots | Women’s gifts

We offer feed and fertilizer to anyone in and around Troup Texas.

Steele’s Feed & Seed is proud to be your full-service feed and seed supply shop. Come in today or give us a call at 903-842-3411 to see why we’re so much more than your typical seed and feed store.